Professional Chocolate Ice Cream: the recipe for success by World Champion Eugenio Morrone

Professional Chocolate Ice Cream: the recipe for success by World Champion Eugenio Morrone

Eugenio Morrone

Gelato World Champion 2020

I like to smell the fragrance of the raw materials I use to create my Gelato.
I love getting my hands dirty in the laboratory, and I constantly look for the perfect balance.
Participating in the 2020 World Gelato Championship has allowed me to train more professionally and improve.
I am proud to have brought this title to Italy and especially to Rome, where I live and work, and to Zagarise, in Calabria, my homeland to which I have remained very attached.

1. What is the work philosophy of Eugenio Morrone, Master Gelato Maker and World Gelato Champion?

What is the work philosophy of Eugenio Morrone, Master Gelato Maker and World Gelato Champion?

My philosophy in gelato, and consequently in my work, is straightforward. It is not made on who knows what but on a single element: the continuous search for the best quality raw materials. To create a good product, you don't need a lot of ingredients but, on the contrary, a few and of the highest quality.

What fuels the passion of a Master Gelato Maker?

I believe that ours is one of the most beautiful professions; every day, we are overwhelmed by so many different stimuli that feed our passion continuously. Personally, the continuous search for excellent raw materials allows me to keep my interest in my work alive.

In what spirit should one approach this career? What is the mission?

You should certainly never give up, but you should be aware that this career is almost always uphill and that every day you will discover something new. Remaining humble and grounded is essential. Not falling into the illusion of having made it are fundamental attitudes so that we don't lose our passion and continue to look for stimuli, the core of our creativity.

Study, experience and dedication: how do you stay up-to-date and trained in this field?

These are the three magic words for forging a path in this world. Experience teaches us to correct our work and ourselves; continuous study increases our knowledge, both of the finished product and the raw materials; finally, dedication allows us always to go forward, investing in ourselves. These three elements are inseparable from each other: there is no experience without study and commitment, no study without expertise and dedication.

2. Amedei: the best chocolate for professional, artisan Italian-style ice cream

What is the perfect recipe for quality chocolate ice cream?

There is no absolute recipe for the perfect chocolate ice cream. Everyone has their own recipe, which in my opinion, should have as few ingredients as possible because that is the only way to bring out pure chocolate and its quality.

How do you choose the best chocolate to use?

La scelta del cioccolato da usare dipende da molti fattori.  È al contempo una scelta soggettiva, poiché ogni gelatiere ha il proprio gusto personale e apprezza più o meno le diverse qualità del cioccolato stesso, e oggettiva, in quanto non dipende dal gusto personale ma da quello che la clientela chiede. Di solito, perciò, cerco di mixare i due fattori e creare un gelato che rispecchi le mie scelte personali e, allo stesso tempo, quelle dei miei clienti. Cerco, in sostanza, di suscitare quella magia sensoriale, che io stesso provo, nei miei clienti.

What procedures must be carried out to prepare a homemade ice cream that preserves the aromatic notes of fine chocolate?

Stress the chocolate as little as possible and build an ice-cream around it, which does not cover its aromatic properties but enhances them. As I have already said, when chocolate is of the highest quality, there is no need to load it with other elements because it is enough to trigger that sensory journey we are always looking for.

How do Morrone's values meet Amedei's in terms of craftsmanship, quality and taste?

My philosophy of ice cream is straightforward. I dare say 'pure', and in Amedei, I have found the exact search for the essence of quality raw materials, which alone can activate many sensations, olfactory, taste and visual.

3. Chocolate ice cream: the secret artisan ingredient from Amedei

Why choose Amedei chocolate to make ice cream? What is the added value?

Choosing Amedei chocolate to prepare ice cream means selecting excellent quality chocolate, less treated than most chocolates on the market. Chocolate without emulsifiers could compromise the sensory and structural qualities of the ice-cream itself.

But above all, which the 2020 Gelato World Champion prefers Amedei product and why?

Amedei products are, in my opinion, excellent. Each of them has characteristics that make it unique and inimitable. Among them, my favourite is Madagascar fondant because its organoleptic properties - such as acidulous, citrus and woody notes - reflect my personal taste. Every good product should evoke moments and places or memories that are dear to us. The so-called sensory journey that Madagascar, with its qualities, takes me back to my childhood.

What combinations of flavours does Amedei chocolate go best within an ice-cream recipe?

Each Amedei chocolate has its own identity, particular notes that make it unique. For this reason, the elements to choose in making ice cream change according to the chocolate itself. Nevertheless, I believe that Amedei chocolate, in general, does not need to be combined with other elements. It is already a riot of sensations and emotions.

How to preserve the aromatic notes of Amedei fine chocolate in the preparation of chocolate ice-cream?

To preserve the aromatic notes of Amedei chocolate, you have to create a water-based sorbet so that all its aromatic notes are not lost. You have to make a "pure" chocolate ice-cream.

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