Auteur easter eggs: the secret? The highest quality chocolate, revealed by William Curley

Auteur easter eggs: the secret? The highest quality chocolate, revealed by William Curley

William Curley

Pastry Chef and Member of Relais Desserts

Passionate about his profession, he aims to source only the finest ingredients without compromising the raw materials' quality. A mentor and guide for young talent in the kitchen, he has always created products of the highest standards supported by his ambitious pastry chefs team.

1. The values and secrets of Chef Patissier William Curley

What is the philosophy behind the work of a master like you, four times winner of 'Britain's Best Chocolatier by The Academy of Chocolate' and a gold medal at 'The Culinary Olympics'?

Ultimately my philosophy to create best and tastiest chocolate, patisserie & desserts possible. To do this requires no compromise on procuring the best quality ingredients possible. We use Amedei because it is the best chocolate I’ve tried, other examples would be piedmonte hazelnuts, Normandy dairy.

What fuels the passion of a patissier and chocolatier?

The enjoyment of creating new and traditional dishes. – And of course eating them!

How do you stay up-to-date in this field?

Traditionally it would be through travel, books, meeting people and being part of associations such as Relais Dessert or the Academy of Culinary Arts.
Now social media plays of a big part is showcasing current trends.

What are your tips for the patissiers and chocolatiers of tomorrow?

Achieve a full foundation with a good mentor, then go on to create your own style with this basis for your work.

2. Amedei: the best chocolate for William Curley's Easter eggs

How do you choose the best chocolate to use?

For me, it’s all about taste! Also Amedei share similar philosophy as I do, where the product remains pure and quality uncompromised.

What procedures must be carried out to preserve the aromatic notes of fine chocolate?

My chocolates are known to showcase the flavours of the cacao as opposed to adding dominant flavours on top of the chocolate. We do this by only using infusions of fresh herbs and spices. No aritificial flavours or compounds are allowed in my kitchen!

How do the values of William Curley meet those of Amedei in terms of craftsmanship, quality and taste? Uncompromising on quality.

Also ensuring an understanding the supply chain and origins of ingredients used to make sure the quality is as it should be.

3. Not just Easter eggs: Amedei, the best chocolate for William Curley

Where do you get inspiration for your egg decorations and your creations in general?

Our special eggs this year are based on our  Nostalgia range. Even serious chocolate should be fun!
We seek much of our inspiration from childhood favourites and try to recapture that feeling of a ‘kid in a sweet shop’!

Why do you choose Amedei chocolate for the preparation of your creations? What is the added  value?

Same values and philosphies, plus a pure and great tasting chocolate. The different blends are also  great for achieving a variey of flavours combinations that always cimpliment the chocolate.

But above all, which Amedei product is preferred by an award-winning master like you and why?

My personal favourite is the Blacno De Criollo. It is rich in cacao forest flavours, vanilla and sublte acidity. It evokes the terrior when eaten and for me is perfect.

What combinations of flavours does Amedei chocolate go best with in your recipes?

All of my couture chocolates are created to be paired with the different Amedei blends. Amedei is a verstaitle and diverse chocolate. My favourite pairings include Japanese Black Vinegar with Toscano 70% (it sounds strange but the vinegar is used as a seasoning rather than overpwoering flavour.). Raspberry is lovely with the 65%. And we recently created a banoffee chocolate that uses the Toscano 63% which already has banana flavour notes.
Rosemary and Olive Oil is a combination that works great with Amedei too! It is one of the favourites with my customers and has been for many years.

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